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4 Tools You Need To Make Delicious Brodo Based Beverages

By The Brodo Team
Oct 29, 2018

Brodo is delicious and nutritious on it’s own, but it’s also an incredibly versatile base for additional flavors and benefits. From a simple squeeze of lemon to a pat of grass-fed butter, the possibilities are endless!

Here are four tools we use all the time to make delicious broth based beverages:

mortar + pestle

Fresh herbs and spices are tastiest and healthiest when pulverized and consumed right away. I use this traditional tool to pulverize herbs like oregano, mint, parsley and rosemary and whole spices like peppercorns, whole dried chilies, coriander and cumin seeds.  Experiment with whatever spices and herbs appeal to you. I love adding classic tuscan flavors, like freshly pulverized rosemary, a squeeze of lemon, and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.


We believe good quality fats (egg yolks, coconut milk, full fat grass-fed cream, olive or coconut oil, grass-fed butter or ghee) are an essential part of a healthy, satisfying diet. When added to a delicious broth they create the velvety mouthfeel of a great cappuccino. These little battery operated, hand-held buzzers help create emulsifications – distributing these ingredients throughout the broth, rather than letting them float on top.


A microplane is great way to incorporate harder, larger ingredients like whole fresh ginger root, turmeric or garlic cloves. It can also be used to shave small amounts of powerhouse flavors like citrus zest or fresh horseradish. Try hearth broth with an egg yolk buzzed in and a fresh grating of cinnamon and nutmeg on top for a broth-based version of eggnog.

silicone ice cube trays

I keep cubes of frozen broth on hand for all kinds of applications. 2-4 oz cubes work great
for making pan sauces after roasting meats, glazing roasted vegetables, or as a delicious substitute for water when cooking rice or other grains.