Same Brodo, ready for your pantry.

We like to think that we are really good at making broth That’s why we exist and that’s why you are here.

But when it comes to frozen packaging, well… let’s just say we have had our fair share of issues. Cracking, smashing, leaking… you name it.

We heard you!

Over a year ago we set out to find a better package. After considering over 40 different styles, we finally found our answer. By applying traditional canning techniques to these slim, airtight pouches, we created a package that is easier to use, high quality, and better for the planet.

We like to say “Better is Worth the Bother.” We hope you agree!

A few highlights:

  • Same great recipes
  • Same open top kettle cooking process
  • No concentrates
  • No preservatives
  • Convenient 1-Cup and 3-Cup sizes
  • Durable, leak proof, eco friendly package
  • Store at room temperature for up to one year until opened 
  • Once opened, store in fridge up to 5 days

Same Brodo, ready for your pantry.

Got questions? Click here to read our FAQ page!

Still have questions? Email [email protected]



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