Herb garden hack.

Two (Big!) Green Thumbs Up for this Herb Garden Hack

Maintain a Starter Garden Using Recycled Brodo Containers

Herb garden hack.
Image courtesy of @chefcoachcontos on Instagram.

We’re constantly inspired by the ingenuity (and true eco-love) of our beloved Brodo fam. You’ve composted our green cell foam insulation. Recycled our shipping boxes. And now, you’ve figured out a way to repurpose our broth containers, too.

We’ve seen you start mini-gardens in these containers, so we decided to share some of our very own tips for at-home planting.

Here are three tips for growing a garden using Brodo containers.

Focus on herbs.

Thyme, rosemary and basil can each be grown on a windowsill, provided they maintain access to sunlight.

And bonus? The final products can be added straight into a hot cup of Brodo.

We love to squeeze a quarter of a lemon into a mug of hearth broth, and then infuse the mug with a sprig of rosemary.

Combat dry air.

Fill a low saucer with rocks or pebbles, then cover with water. Place your Brodo container near the pebble saucer, in order to increase humidity near your plants.

Move, move, move!

Plants: they’re just like us. They thrive when they can move around.

Try moving your plants’ locations from time to time to vary their exposure to sunlight and warmth.

Try these recycling hacks for yourself. Get broth delivered nationwide, and share your creations @brodo.



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