Brodo and beet preworkout beverage

Brodo and Beet Workout Beverage

This Brodo and Beet Pre-workout beverage recipe is for those of us who like to start our day with a workout. If you’re like us, you know that some mornings you feel tired, hungry, or even both. But you also know that eating a big meal with coffee or an energy drink isn’t the best idea either. So what do you do to get the most out of your workout without feeling miserable through it all?

Pre-workout supplements are heavy on unsubstantiated claims, sugar, stimulants, and artificial ingredients. They have a reputation of making you feel jittery, agitated, and anxious. And you guessed it – they’re not good for your health. Who wants that?

Fortunately there is a real food answer! We combine hydrating, stomach-satisfying Brodo with matcha green tea to give you slow-release energy – along with beet juice or beet kvass to promote blood flow to your muscles.

If you’re not familiar with beet kvass, it’s an Eastern European fermented beet drink. It’s rich in probiotics and is also great for heart and liver function due to naturally-occurring nitrates. It has a tangy, earthy, salty-sweet flavor that blends beautifully with bone broth. We love it so much that we offer it as a mix-in at our NYC-based shop.

Serves 1



  • 1 cup Brodo (we like Grassfed Beef or Deeply Rooted best)
  • 1/2 cup beet kvass (or beet juice)
  • Squeeze of lemon
  • 1/2 tsp. unsweetened matcha powder (optional)


  1. For the iced version: Add all ingredients and stir. You may need to whisk thoroughly it if you add the matcha powder.
  2. For the hot version: If you’re using matcha powder, add it to your mug or pot and then pour on just a bit of Brodo. Heat the Brodo in a cooking pot, the microwave, or however you like to heat it – to about 180 degrees (just under a boil). Whisk in the matcha. Lastly, to preserve at least some of the probiotics, add the beet kvass. If you’re using beet juice instead, you can heat it with the Brodo. Add lemon juice and stir.
  3. Go work out!


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