The most Earth-friendly protein on Earth.

At Brodo, We’re Making Earth-Friendly Protein. Here’s How.

The most Earth-friendly protein on Earth.


We use what we already have. The modern grocery store has taught us to purchase boneless, skinless cuts of meat – forsaking up to 35% of the most nutrient-dense protein on the planet. Our slow-simmered, “nose-to-tail” cooking does the hard work of upcycling all this protein-packed goodness.

We don’t over-process. There are a lot of methods for making broth. Some of these use extreme heat and pressure as well and previously processed ingredients and concentrates.  All this extra energy and transportation adds up.  We makes make our broths from scratch from farmers we trust.  We currently freeze our broths to eliminate food waste and maintain quality. Learn more about our process here.

We make it a drink. America tends to overeat and under-hydrate. Getting our protein from a beverage gets us more bang for our water buck. Protein-sparing amino acids like glycine and arginine also help us feel satisfied and reduce our consumption of other less healthy snacks.

We reuse what we can. All of our deliveries use cornstarch-based insulation that can be disposed of right in your sink. We also offer a refillable glass jar program and discounted reusable mug program in our shops.

Brodo. Better is worth the bother.



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