Mixed 6-Pack 8 oz.

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A variety pack of Brodo bone broth in a convenient shelf-stable, single-serving pouch. We take meaty, collagen-rich bones, blend them with vegetables and aromatics, and simmer them slowly into a delicious, nutrient-dense bone broth that you and your family will love. As a chef-founded company, our goal is to make a healthy food as delicious as possible. Mug ready, bowl ready, recipe ready!

1x 8.3 oz. Organic Chicken
1x 8.3 oz. Signature Hearth Bone Broth (a blend of organic chicken, turkey, and beef bones)
2x 8.3 oz. Deeply Rooted Bone Broth (Organic Chicken bone broth infused with ginger and turmeric)
2x 8.3 oz. Spicy Nonna Bone Broth (Organic Chicken bone broth infused with roasted garlic and chili paste)




Brodo Chicken case NFP

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