The Brodo At Home Gift Pack

with a 2-week-subscription. $12.99 for one-time purchases.

Your go-to gift for the #1 Brodo fan in your life (…even if that’s you, we don’t judge).


One sleek, eco-friendly mug crafted from durable ceramic and wrapped in protective silicone with a removable cap.


A copy of Chef Marco Canora’s Brodo cookbook, complete with recipes for flavorful, nutritious bone broths—plus add-ins, broth bowls & more.


And an assortment of 22oz. bone broths, including 2 chicken broths, 2 hearth broths and 2 beef broths.


2 x chicken bone broth
2 x beef bone broth
2 x hearth bone broth
1 x cookbook
1 x ceramic to-go mug



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