The old way made new again

Bones, Water, Fire, and Time

For centuries, cultures around the
world have boiled bones for broth.

Industrialization in the 20th century made it easier and
cheaper to make, but also eliminated everything that was
wholesome and satisfying about it in the first place.

Brodo makes broth the traditional way, with real bones
from real animals raised on real pastures. Well-made broth,
slow-simmered the traditional way, is real food in its purest
liquid form.  No concentrates. No preservatives. No shortcuts.

How to make bone broth

Good Bones

We get all of our bones from cooperatives and family farms.

All of our beef bones come from 100% grass-fed animals raised on pasture and are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Our poultry is certified organic and raised on pasture. They are fed a vegetarian diet free of GMOs, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

How to make bone broth

Meaty bones

To make a truly rich, complex broth, we insist on cooking with meaty cuts of the animal, not just bare bones.

We intentionally pick the specific bones that are best-suited for broth making, brawny parts like turkey legs, chicken feet, oxtails, and beef knuckles.

Bone Broth Ingredients

More than just bones

We incorporate fresh whole-cut organic vegetables for better flavor and more well-rounded nutrition.

Non-meat eaters, take note: We even offer a boneless version of our broth, made from wild seaweed, mushrooms, and organic vegetables. It is 100% vegan and vegetarian.

No pills, powders or pods allowed

All of our ingredients are real. We don’t use concentrates. We don’t use extracts. We don’t use artificial flavorings or preservatives. We don’t take shortcuts of any kind.

Bone Broth Ingredients
8 oz cup

Not watered down

We put our top-quality ingredients into the pot and fill it with an almost equal amount of water. This 1-to-1 ratio ensures the richest broth with the maximum nutrient density, unlike the typical watered-down supermarket variety.

Time is on our side

Every batch of our broth is slowly simmered for up to 24 hours. This lengthy cooking process allows us to extract the most nutrients and flavor from each ingredient.

How to make bone broth
Skim bone broth

Others don’t even skim the surface

While each batch is cooking, we periodically hand-skim the fats and impurities that float to the top. In the end, this gives our broth a greater clarity and purity of flavor. Not every bone broth company takes this added step.

Simple ain’t easy

Cooking the traditional way with real ingredients might sound simple, but it’s not. Our entire process, from sourcing to prepping to cooking to straining and serving, takes time and patience, and it costs money, but our broth is worth it. Chef Marco insists on sticking to our process because he knows it’s the only way to do it right.

It’s quality you can taste. Order Brodo Here.