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It all boils down to this:

Brodo combines the highest-quality ingredients with century-tested craftsmanship to create a bone broth so delicious we drink it by the cupful.

“Broths to Restore and Revive at Brodo”
Broths to Restore and Revive at Brodo

Stop by anytime, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between

Grab a hot cup of Brodo at any of our NYC locations. Our diverse menu includes four styles of broth and a variety of flavorful add-ins, as well as chef-designed combos. Each comes in a paper cup with a lid and protective sleeve for easy on-the-go sipping.

Stop by anytime, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between

Make Brodo a staple of your home kitchen

A well-made broth is the foundation for all kinds of great recipes, from soup to risotto to slow-braised meats. Order online and we’ll ship Brodo frozen to your door. Simply thaw and get cooking, or heat and drink straight from the pot.

Make Brodo a staple of your home kitchen

Marco is a pioneer, and I’ll recommend that you follow in his footsteps. You are in great hands

Tim Ferriss, Entrepreneur, Author & Top Podcaster

Good Bones Since 2014

Like all great chefs, Marco Canora knows that a good broth is essential to good cooking. Marco, named Best Chef: New York City in 2017 by the James Beard Foundation, has been tending to boiling kettles since his early days at the acclaimed Gramercy Tavern nearly 25 years ago.

More recently, Marco has learned that a good broth is essential to good health as well. Inspired by his own wellness revival, with bone broth a habitual part of his healthier diet, Marco launched Brodo in 2014 selling cups of nutritious broth out of a window in Hearth, his popular East Village restaurant, and has since continued his mission to bring professional chef-quality broth to the masses.

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Good Bones Since 2014

Brodo makes it better

Rich, clean, and savory, Brodo tastes incredible because it’s made to the exacting standards of our founder, James Beard Award-winning chef Marco Canora.

Time-tested methods and real food:
100% grass-fed beef, organic poultry, and whole fresh organic vegetables.

The Difference is Clear

Our broth is rich and nutrient dense. The results are plain to see. We’ll put Brodo up against any other “bone broth” on the market.

  • No concentrates.
  • No preservatives.
  • No shortcuts.
Our Process
The Difference is Clear

Our beef broth (left) versus the beef broth of one of our top competitors (right).

Brodo is returning traditionally prepared broths to their well-deserved place at the center of our kitchens, our diets, and our communities.

Tom Colicchio, Chef, Restaurateur, and Star of TV’s Top Chef

Broth Shops

The comfy environs of our flagship store and unparalleled convenience of our walk-up window encourage both easy-going and ultra-busy customers to return again and again.

  • Texas Two-Step
    Texas Two-Step

    Beef broth, spiced bone marrow

  • Oishi Oishi
    Oishi Oishi

    Chicken broth, shiitake tea, reishi powder, roasted garlic purée, grass-fed butter

  • Deeply Rooted
    Deeply Rooted

    Hearth broth, ginger, fresh turmeric

  • Tom Yum
    Tom Yum

    Chicken broth, chili oil, coconut milk, lime, curry spice blend

  • Sipping Beauty
    Sipping Beauty

    Hearth broth, fresh parsley, lemon wedge

  • Salt of the Sea
    Salt of the Sea

    Chicken broth, seaweeds (smoked dulse and kelp), ginger

  • East Village Window
    1st Ave + E12th Street

    M-F: 8am-8pm // S+S: 10am-8pm

    (646) 602-1300

  • West Village Shop
    Hudson & Christopher

    M-F: 8am-8pm // S+S: 10am-8pm

    (212) 366-0600

  • SOHO Window
    Lafayette & Spring

    M-F: 8am-8pm // S+S: 10am-8pm

    (646) 490-4010

  • Upper West Side
    75th & Broadway

    M-F: 8am-9pm // S+S: 10am-9pm

    (646) 858-1494

Broth with Benefits

Doctors, shamans, grandmothers agree:
Bone broth delivers a broad spectrum of good things for your body.

  • Feel Better
    Feel Better

    Brodo is hydrating, comforting, and energizing. Each nutrient-rich cup strengthens your gut, joints, and immunity.

  • Lose Weight
    Lose Weight

    Drinking low-carb, low-sugar, protein-rich bone broth helps to curb cravings for unhealthy snacks between meals.

  • Broth, not Botox
    Broth, not Botox

    Collagen-rich bone broth promotes smooth, supple skin, and strong, healthy hair and nails.

  • Improve Gut Health
    Improve Gut Health

    The gelatin in Brodo aids with digestion and helps to heal damage to the digestive tract.

  • Strengthen Your Joints
    Strengthen Your Joints

    Broth made from cartilage-rich bones helps to rebuild connective tissue, ease joint pain, and fight inflammation.

  • Recover Faster
    Recover Faster

    The glycine in Brodo helps your body produce antioxidants that help to rebuild muscle, fight disease and detoxify the liver (bye-bye, hangover).

I’ve been recommending bone broth to my patients for years because it’s so good for the gut. Of course, the fact that Marco’s broths are absolutely delicious makes this particular recommendation pretty easy to swallow.

Frank Lipman, M.D., author of The New Health Rules

When To Broth

With up to 10g of protein per cup and no added sugar, people are incorporating broth into their lifestyles and diets at all times of day and in all kinds of ways.

  • Liquid Lunchers
    Liquid Lunchers

    Protein-packed Brodo will satisfy your hunger without piling on calories, making it an ideal meal replacement.

  • Caffeine Curbers
    Caffeine Curbers

    Skip that second (or third!) cup of coffee for a steady non jittery, source of energy.

  • Today’s Dieters
    Today’s Dieters

    High in protein, low in carbs, with no added sugar or gluten, Brodo is the perfect drink for people on popular diets, including Keto, Paleo, and Whole30.

  • Expecting Moms
    Expecting Moms

    Nutrient-rich broth helps developing babies build strong bones and keeps moms’ bones from being depleted in the process.

  • Medical Patients
    Medical Patients

    Brodo, the perfect clear broth, provides soothing easy-to-digest nutrition. Perfect for patients pre- and post-surgery. Brodo is nourishing patients on the maternity and oncology wards of New York hospitals.

  • Fitness Buffs
    Fitness Buffs

    Hydrating broth helps to replenish electrolytes like sodium and potassium that are lost during exercise.

Brodo is extremely high in protein and gelatin and low in fat and calories. Praised for centuries, it has been said that bone broth may promote healing and general wellness.

Pamphlet distributed along with Brodo to all new mothers at NYU Langone Maternity Ward

Order for Home

Ask any chef: broth is essential for good cooking. Make Brodo your staple at home.

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Hearth Broth (6pk) product shot

Hearth Broth (6pk)

Smooth. Rich. Savory.

Marco’s signature blend of chicken, turkey and beef broth.

*Each container is 30oz.

Chicken Broth (6pk) product shot

Chicken Broth (6pk)

Clean. Classic. Perfect.

Like grandma’s but even better. 

*Each container is 30oz.

Beef Broth (6pk) product shot

Beef Broth (6pk)

Big. Bright. Beautiful.

Grass-fed goodness gingered just right.

*Each container is 30oz.

Seaweed Mushroom (6pk) product shot

Seaweed Mushroom (6pk)

100% vegan and vegetarian.  Made with organic seaweed, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables.

*Each container is 30oz.

Variety Packs (4pk) product shot

Variety Packs (4pk)

Can't decide? Mix it up with our 4-pack combos.

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Gift Card

Send a Brodo Gift Card to someone you love!  Instantly delivered via email.   

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