Nourishing Broth: Our October recommended read about broth nutrition

The Brodo Book Club: Nourishing Broth

Nourishing Broth: Our October recommended read about broth nutrition
Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morell

If you only read one book about bone broth nutrition, make it this one.

Welcome to the first edition of The Brodo Book Club. This is a content series that will uncover our favorite books about broth’s role in the world. You already know that we’re firm believers in real, whole, delicious foods. But now, we’ll give you a glimpse into the reads that back up our beliefs.

We’re kicking this edition of our Book Club off with Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morell. This is the first broth nutrition resource that we recommend to each of our Brodo family members. We think you’ll appreciate it, too.

Here are our takes:

The author begins her story with a very real, unfiltered look into how industrialization impaired our ability to consume nutrition naturally. Fallon Morell first focuses on (everyone’s now favorite) takeout enemy: MSG. She transitions into the evolution of the bouillon cube—which near single-handedly depleted our regular consumption of good collagen and cartilage.

We won’t lie, this book is hefty. If you’re looking for some light chatter…you’re better off indulging in a podcast. With that being said: Nourishing Broth is formatted for optimal skim-ability. You can easily jump into an ailment of interest. From there, you’ll uncover the ailment’s history and how the elements of broth can remedy the side effects.

For instance, if you want to understand more about Osteoarthritis—skip to page 58 for an exposé on its inevitability. Fallon Morell quotes skeletal evidence, which proves the disorder is not inevitable at all. Osteoarthritis effects can be mitigated with young cartilage consumption.

Where do you find “young cartilage,” you might ask? Nourishing Broth answers this, too. Think about the joints, like knuckles, which we regularly discard from animal food products. These are the natural additives that we should be using to fortify our foods. Instead, modern restaurants and food distributors have made chemical cartilage powders the norm. True broth nutrition is based in the centuries-old “nose-to-tail” approach to cooking. Cooks avoid waste and use every part of an animal.

Spoiler—the book is dedicated: “To our grandmothers.” This matters.

Broth, in its purest and most delicious form, should taste like a massive hug from your Nonna (or whatever you call her). Grandma took the time to roast broth bones in her creaky oven. She let flavors develop for hours in her giant, scraped-up stock pot.

Over the years, we’ve forgotten that Grandma’s food tasted so damn delicious because she didn’t take shortcuts. She told you that “love” was her secret ingredient, but her real secret was the time and care spent making recipes from scratch and without waste. Our elders understood the value of broth nutrition, and the importance of natural cooking.

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You can find the full Nourishing Broth cookbook on Amazon. You can also find our very own Brodo cookbook here, with more bone broth musings and recipes from our head chef and founder Marco Canora.

Brodo bone broth is made the traditional way, with real meaty bones and fresh whole-cut organic vegetables. We spend the time to make broth the way Grandma intended, so that you can simply heat and enjoy. Get our bone broths shipped to your door today.


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