How Bone Broth Fueled the 76ers’ NBA Season

Jesse Wright, director of performance science, pours bone broth for players to drink during their film session at the Sixers Training Complex in Camden, N.J., on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018.

After six sluggish seasons, the Philadelphia 76ers are back in the NBA playoff race, with a surprisingly good young team that has far surpassed expectations.

The secret to the Sixers’ success? Well, a lot of things probably, but one area in which the team has dramatically upped its game is food.

Back in March, spotlighted the Sixers’ newfound dedication to a healthy and hearty diet. (The full feature, titled “Inside the NBA’s Foodie Franchise,” is worth a look.)

That diet includes regular cupfuls of nutritious bone broth, made in-house by the team’s executive chef:

Bone broth consumption has become a fixture during the team’s morning film sessions. “You feel like it’s a holiday when you smell the bone broth during film,” says Sixers coach Brett Brown. “It’s tasty and purposeful and part of what we do.”

Thanks Coach! We agree. Every day smells like a holiday here at Brodo!

The accompanying photograph shows a Sixers’ staff member pouring hot broth into little green cups labeled with the Gatorade logo. (Have we mentioned that Brodo is a sports drink?)

This isn’t the first time that bone broth has played a positive role in professional basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers were one of the first teams to incorporate bone broth into the team diet.  Dwight Howard used bone broth to curb his addiction to candy and sugary drinks. Kobe Bryant credited his daily broth regimen with helping him to recover from potentially career-ending injuries to his knee and his Achilles’ tendon.

In fact, a growing list of high-profile athletes, including NFL quarterback Tom Brady and New York City Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan, have spoken out about the benefits of bone broth to their training routines.

It’s true that the collagen in a well-made, long-simmered bone broth works to strengthen bones, joints and tendons. Bone broth is also incredibly hydrating and replenishes electrolytes like sodium and potassium that are lost during intense workouts like competitive sports.

Since the Sixers started drinking bone broth as part of an overall nutritional program, the franchise has impressively bounced back after years of disappointment — not only qualifying for the NBA playoffs, but finishing high enough in the standings to secure home-court advantage in Round One. All the better to be closer to that home cooking, especially the homemade broth.

As New Yorkers, we here at Brodo are encouraged by Philly’s broth-fueled turnaround. After all, if the Sixers can do it, then maybe there’s even hope for the Knicks!


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