Bone Broth Cleanse: Reset Your System

By The Brodo Team
Mar 12, 2019

Bone broth is restorative, hydrating, and delicious and makes for a great cleanse.  A bone broth cleanse is a wonderful way to reboot your system, give your digestive system a break, and heal your gut. Committing to a few days – or even one day – of a bone broth reset will serve your body well.  This cleanse is Keto and Whole 30 approved!

When our founder, Chef Marco Canora, was forced to address his diagnosis of prediabetes, high cholesterol, gout, and thirty pounds of extra weight, he turned to a diet of whole, minimally processed foods that offer protein, fiber, and quality fats.  He often found himself sipping a cup or two of broth a few times a week, when supervising meal prep, of which simmering up a vat of stock was a big part, in the kitchen of his restaurant. On the days that he drank bone broth, he noticed he didn’t feel hungry for hours and wasn’t snacking between meals.

Bone broth allows you to feel satisfied without being weighed down and energetic without the unfocused buzz of caffeine.  When replacing breakfast or a snack with broth, you might find you don’t feel like you’re fasting.   You may notice you’re not counting down the minutes to your next meal or overeating when you do sit down to a plate of food.  We encourage you to start by replacing breakfast or your afternoon snack with a cup of broth and go from there!

Bone Broth Cleanse

The Bone Broth Cleanse FAQs:

Q: How do I reset?
A: On this reset diet you’ll be consuming four 10-ounce servings of broth per day. Each one has add-ins for a boost of flavor or healthy fats. Between your cups of broth, drink as much water or herbal (noncaffeinated) tea as you like. If you find yourself getting hungry between broth servings, increase the portions to 16 ounces.

Q: Why should I do a broth cleanse?
A: To give your digestive system a rest, begin to heal a damaged gut, or bounce back from a few days of overindulgence.

Q: What makes this different than other cleanses?
A: Beverage-only cleanses are most often associated with crash dieting and intense hunger, but substituting bone broth for your regular meals for up to three days will keep you satisfied while repairing digestive function, supporting the immune system, and maintaining steady energy.

Q: Do I have to do all three days?
A: While three days gives your system ample time to reset, even using Brodo to intermittent fast (12 hours), or as a meal replacement will benefit your digestion. Especially if you’ve been on a bender of overly rich (or overly processed and inflammatory) foods. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to maintain and how quickly you’ll feel the results.

Q: Is this KETO friendly?
A: Yes!  These beverages are extremely low-carb, so they serve as a perfect base for keto drinks and meals.  To make the reset even more keto-friendly, simply amp up the healthy fats by using a spoonful of grass-fed butter or ghee, MCT oil, or coconut oil.

The Bone Broth Cleanse

10 oz Brodo Hearth Broth with 1/2 inch nub of freshly grated ginger and a squeeze of lemon.
Add 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil for healthy fat.
(Protein: 10g, Fat including EVOO: 27g, Broth Calories: 80, Fat Calories: 120, Carbs: 5g)

10 oz Brodo Grass-Fed Beef Broth with 2 tablespoons coconut milk and a squeeze of lime.
(Protein: 10g, Fat including Coconut Milk: 14g, Broth Calories: 80, Fat Calories: 140, Carbs: 5g)

Brodo Chicken Broth with 1/2 oz roasted garlic purée and a dash of chili oil.
Add 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil for healthy fat.
(Protein: 7g, Fat including EVOO: 27g, Broth Calories: 30, Fat Calories: 120, Carbs: 0g)

10 oz Brodo Seaweed and Mushroom Broth with 1/2 inch nub of freshly grated turmeric.
(Protein: 2g, Fat: 0g, Broth Calories: 40, Fat Calories: 0, Carbs: 7g)

Pro-Tip: Use a frother or immersion blender to incorporate fats

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