Cooking with Brodo: Brands We Love

We love brands that value tradition, but also really delicious & wholesome food.

Here are four brands that pair perfectly with Brodo.

Brightland Olive Oil

  • Brightland Olive Oil: Just like our beloved Brodo, Brightland is a modern take on one of the world’s most traditional foods. It has no fillers or artificial preservatives; every ingredient comes straight from the earth. We like to buzz a spoonful of Brightland into hot hearth Brodo, then add fresh rosemary and lemon for an ultra-satisfying afternoon snack.

Great Jones Goods

  • Great Jones Cookware: Great Jones is the brainchild of fellow New Yorkers (and all around badass women), and we seem to be seeing their pots and pans everywhere lately. Their best-selling cast-iron Dutch oven, The Dutchess, is the perfect home for roast chicken or beef deglazed with silky Brodo.

Sfoglini Pasta

  • Sfoglini Pasta: The very best of Italian pasta technique, made with high quality North American ingredients. Sfoglini’s chef and founder used to develop the pasta tasting menus at our own chef Marco’s NYC restaurant, Hearth. For an easy lunch or dinner: we drop a handful of organic Sfoglini trumpets into a pot of chicken Brodo, along with shredded rotisserie chicken and a seasonal vegetable mirepoix.

Maldon Sea Salt

  • Maldon Sea Salt: One of the finest flaky sea salts available, and treasured by home cooks from around the globe for over 100 years . Its abundant crystals can be crushed by hand, making it easy to control the amount of added salt in any broth-based dish.

*P.S. This is not a paid partnership in any way…these are just brands we truly love & want to support!


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