5 Simple Self-Care Habits to Start Practicing Today

Here are 5 tips to help you kickstart healthy habits in the new year and beyond.

We don’t know about you…but, we’ve never had a New Year’s resolution stick past February 1st. That’s why we’re taking this year to recalibrate how we think about wellness and self-care. We don’t believe in making bold, unrealistic claims about how we want to change our lives in 2021. We do believe in longevity, and making simple choices that support mental and physical wellbeing.

We’ve rounded up five simple habits to boost your self-care routine. And better yet, these habits are built to last.

5 Simple Self-Care Habits to Start Practicing Today

  1. Swap one meal per day with a Brodo. And don’t forget to sip slowly. You’ll feel more satiated before your next meal, leaving you less likely to binge.
  2. Get out and move first thing in the morning. You don’t need to go too crazy. Maybe it’s walking the dog, or getting in some light yoga. Whatever you do, make sure to move your body to get the blood pumping to your brain early. This will lead to increased productivity and a higher likelihood of positive choices throughout the day.
  3. Turn off the screens at the dinner table. You’ll find yourself eating more mindfully, and also reinvigorated by conversations with the (real, human) people around you.
  4. Eat a multitude of colors. Incorporate leafy greens and seasonal veggies into your diet. The more you diversify the plants you eat, the more nutrients you’ll get.
  5. Thank yourself regularly. We’re all guilty of criticizing ourselves from time to time: “I shouldn’t have eaten that piece of cake,” or “I should have known the answer to the question on that call.” Recognize when you’re being tough on yourself, and reverse your internal dialogue to instead thank your body for all the work it puts in each day: “I nourished myself with something that felt good,” “I learned from my mistakes.”


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