Geeking Out with Marco: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Geeking out with Marco.

See what our founder, Chef Marco Canora, has been geeking out on lately in the world of health tech.

This month: he’s obsessing over his continuous glucose monitor from Levels.

Levels Score: 92% Metabolic Score

A Wearable and an App

Marco wears his glucose monitor on his arm. The Levels app allows him to track his real time metabolic health metrics, including—among other things—spikes and dips in blood sugar.

But, why?

Marco has always had an interest in sugar reduction (…hence, why he created your favorite zero-sugar bone broth), but he recently turned to his new wearable in order to get some hard data on just how much of an impact certain snacks and behaviors had on his metabolism.

Marco is confident that the proliferation of real-time health tracking devices will help all consumers navigate through the ever-confusing world of “healthy” eating.

After all, big business shouldn’t be the ones telling us what to put in our bodies. We should be listening to our bodies directly.


The Big Takeaways

Levels App Results

*Note: These were Chef Marco’s personal health learnings during his first 30 days of using Levels. Your body may require different treatments in order to maximize your own metabolic health. Try experimenting with different treatments, or consulting with your doctor.

  • The most shocking discovery: the power of a simple 15-minute walk. A leisurely stroll after eating prevented a spike in blood sugar. So easy, yet so incredibly effective.


  • The most dramatic blood sugar spikes were caused by simple, processed carbs. Chips, muffins and sugary fruits were among the culprits. To blunt the spike of a carb-heavy meal: he paired his favorite indulgences with good fats, lean proteins and fibrous veggies.


  • Marco has preached the value of Brodo for breakfast for years now (…especially with a protein-packed egg yolk, or high-quality fats buzzed in). Brodo fills your empty belly without asking too much from your digestive system. And after using Levels, he can now say with absolute certainty: there is no blood sugar spike associated with Brodo for breakfast.


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