Hearth Signature Bone Broth

Hearth, Brodo’s Signature Bone Broth

Many of you are already be familiar with our signature bone broth, which is named Hearth. It happens to be our most popular bone broth and for good reason! Besides being our bestselling broth, it has been here since the beginning of Brodo and it holds sentimental value for Chef Marco (and the rest of our staff!).

Which Came First: The Bone Broth or the Restaurant?

Where does the name “Hearth” come from? As you probably know, Brodo was founded by Marco Canora, a James Beard award-winning chef. But did you know that Marco also named his flagship restaurant Hearth? Located in the East Village of Manhattan in NYC, this restaurant an absolute must-visit if you find yourself in the area. And if you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, visit our original Brodo shop window and order yourself a cup of steaming hot bone broth to-go!

Much like the chicken and egg question, it’s impossible to separate Brodo’s signature broth from the restaurant it came from. Hearth has earned its distinguished reputation by preparing farmers’ market-driven Italian dishes that are both wholesome and bursting with flavor. Don’t tell anyone, but the secret ingredient in many of Hearth’s dishes is, well, Hearth bone broth!

Signature Hearth bone broth
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What is Hearth Bone Broth Made Of?

Hearth bone broth is made from chicken, beef, and turkey bones – along with vegetables, aromatics, and sea salt. We slowly simmer bones, vegetables, and aromatics in filtered water until all of the flavor and nutrition is extracted. That’s it! No powders, preservatives, concentrates, or filler ingredients – ever.

What Makes Hearth Bone Broth Special?

The fact that our signature bone broth is named after our founder’s restaurant is not the only reason it’s famous. In Marco’s book, Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook, he recommends this broth as the bone broth to keep in your kitchen at all times – and for good reason.

Complex Flavor

The bones from three different animals give this broth a great complexity. In turn, this gives a deeply satisfying feeling when drinking it on its own or combining it with other ingredients in your home-cooked soups, grain dishes, pan sauces, bowls, and more.

A Nutritional Powerhouse

Partly because Hearth is made with three different types of animal bones, it covers many bases nutritionally. For one, it contains the three main types of collagen – type I (90% of the collagen in your body is made of this), type II (which is the type found in your joints), and type III (found in your muscles, arteries, and organs). Since we use meaty chicken and turkey bones, Hearth contains a high level of easy-to-digest protein. On the other hand, the grass-fed beef contributes a healthy dose of omega-6 fatty acids, a high concentration of trace minerals, and peptides.


Whether you sip your bone broth straight or cook with it (or both!), Hearth is for you. Its complex, balanced flavor means that it’s delicious on its own and it can uplift pretty much anything you’re cooking without overwhelming your dishes. We offer lots of great recipes on our blog and all of them work very well with Hearth.

Brodo.  Made from scratch with no concentrates, no preservatives, and no shortcuts.


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