Hot Take: You Should be Drinking Hot Broth in Hot Weather

Hot broth? On a hot day? Yes, we’re serious.

Lemon and parsley broth recipe

You may typically default to an iced latte or frozen treat on a sweltering summer day, but the truth is that hot broth can actually ease your system in warm weather. Here’s why.

Hot days mean more sweat. This can lead to dehydration.

Brodo naturally replenishes key electrolytes, like sodium and potassiumwhich allow the body to rehydrate and retain water in the areas that need it most.

Sun + skin = wrinkles. Maybe not right away, but overexposure can severely damage skin elasticity as you age.

The collagen protein packed into every ounce of Brodo promotes skin elasticity. Regular bone broth consumption can help to tighten and strengthen sun-exposed skin (…although you should never forget to wear sunscreen, too!).

Pollen thrives in the summertime. And pollen is one of the most common causes of itching, sneezing and other pesky hot weather allergy symptoms.

Brodo contains compounds like glutamine, cysteine and carnosinewhich help to build up the body’s immunity. A strong immune system equips us to fight off common allergens from the get-go.

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