Tools that make Brodo different

What Makes Brodo Different?

Since we started Brodo in 2014, we have seen a lot of new bone broth brands emerge. Just like any health trend it can be tough to know the difference between a quality product versus junk food. This is why we urge you to do your research, ask questions, and trust your gut (pun intended). Don’t just take our (or anyone’s) word for it!

If you thought all bone broths were the same, here’s what makes Brodo different

Brodo is different

Founded by a James Beard Award-Winning Chef

Our founder, Chef Marco Canora, believes not only in the power of nutrition – but of delicious flavor. If your daily bone broth routine is enjoyable, you’re bound to stick with it. This is why we make broth that’s not only fit for your homemade soups, sauces, and braises – but delicious enough to sip without anything added.

Marco has worked in some of the best kitchens in NYC and eventually opened his own restaurant, Hearth. Restaurant work is grueling work. Even Marco fell into the typical chef lifestyle of eating too many empty carbs – until he turned his health around by drinking daily bone broth.

Made from Scratch

We hate to break the news, but that bargain quart of stock is watered down bouillon concentrate with collagen powder. At Brodo, we take no shortcuts and make everything from scratch. This entails roasting the bones and slowly simmering them with vegetables and aromatics to extract all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and proteins. Not only does this make a much healthier broth, but it’s exactly why ours is so delicious.

We often hear from customers who know how to make their own broth but simply don’t have time to DIY. You’ll see we even have the exact instructions on how to make it yourself! We’re confident that after taking the time to roast the bones, simmer them for hours, strain all the stuff out, and fill your garbage with pounds of bones, you’ll see why it’s worth it to leave it to the pros. We sleep better knowing that we produce a product that’s made the same way as it it is in family kitchens around the world.

Just say “no” to powders and concentrates!

Open Kettle Cooking

Marco is passionate about the traditional cooking techniques he learned from his Tuscan nonna as well as the 30 years he has spent working in professional kitchens. This is why he insists on making our broth in an open kettle. Open kettle cooking prevents impurities, off-flavors, and watered-down bone broth. It may not be the fastest way to produce broth, but it’s the best – and we settle for nothing less!

Grass-fed Beef and Organic Poultry

We form relationships with farmers who treat their animals and our environment right. Fortunately for us, bones from ethically and sustainably-raised farms also produce the highest quality and most nutritious bone broth.

In case you’re wondering why our beef broth is “grass-fed” and not organic, you’re asking the right questions. Cows are healthiest when they’re living as closely as possible to their natural lives. This entails eating grass and herbs, roaming freely in pasture, interacting with each other, and otherwise living their best cow lives. There is no such thing as a certification for the grass grown on the cow pasture, which is why you’ll never find grass-fed beef that’s also certified organic. On the other hand, “organic beef” implies that the cows are raised on feedlots with organic grain. Cows fed on a grain-based diet will fatten more quickly which is why farmers do it, but it also results in sick, unhappy animals.

Even though “organic” and “grass-fed” labels were designed to help people make healthy and eco-friendly decisions, these are still not the most transparent categories. Organic farms can still use harmful chemicals and grow monocultures which are both bad for the environment. Sometimes the grass fed to “grass-fed” beef is treated with herbicides. At the end of the day, this is why forming relationships with our farmers is how we ensure that we’re getting the quality that we’re after.

What’s more, we do our part to reduce food waste by using parts of the animal that would otherwise be discarded. Bones, cartilage, and joints are often discarded by the meat industry because they don’t draw as much profit as steaks and chicken breasts. When you drink bone broth, you are choosing to do something good for the planet and for yourself.

Convenient, Eco-friendly Packaging

From day one, we have been very intentional about our packaging and have always gone with food-safe, BPA-free plastic. After much customer feedback and research, we decided to swap our bulky, leak-prone frozen packaging for compact and lightweight pouches. It can even be stored in your pantry for up to a year!

Our current packaging is both convenient and eco-friendly. It weighs less and ships in a more compact box than glass and tubs, therefor reducing our ecological footprint.

Complete Control Over Your Subscription

When you sign up for a Brodo subscription, you gain access to our customer portal. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to change flavors, skip orders, update your address, and even cancel if need be.

Friendly, Attentive Customer Support

When cutting costs at many companies, customer support is one of the first things to go. Recently it has become the norm to receive a response 4 days later, or not at all. Oftentimes if you get a response, it’s clearly written by a robot. At the heart of Brodo is our people, and we take the time to provide a timely, personal, and effective response.

In fact we love hearing from our customers! We’re eager to share our passion and knowledge with others who care about good food, health, and the environment.

Made in New York

New York boasts some of the best restaurants, chefs, farmers, and food in the world. This is why we are very proud to say that our bone broth is made right here in New York! We source local ingredients whenever possible and when we have to look outside of our local radius, we try to stay as regional as we can. We believe in keeping close to home because it builds our local economy, fosters relationships, and reduces our environmental footprint – all while providing us with the highest quality ingredients.

When it Boils Down to it, Brodo has Integrity

Brodo did not invent bone broth. It has been around for thousands of years and is found in most cultures around the world. In fact Brodo is not much different from the kind you would find simmering away in many Italian nonnas’ kitchens. It’s the other guys who decided to stray from this delicious, nutrient-dense superfood and turn it into a commodity full of powders and concentrates.

We could easily cut corners and make much higher profits like our competitors. But we don’t want to be just another food conglomerate simply trying to make a buck. We know that sky-high profits always come at the expense of the environment and our health. That’s just not for us.

When you choose Brodo, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality nutrition and flavor – along with the best customer experience. Better is worth the bother!


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