Hydrate and Fuel Your Fitness Routine with Brodo

Brodo bone broth is incredibly hydrating; it’s the ultimate post-workout drink. It’s a no-sugar alternative to traditional sports drinks, and it works to replenish key electrolytes like sodium and potassium. The collagen in our slow-simmered broth also helps to strengthen joints, bones & tendons.

Professional mixed martial artist Michelle Waterson fuels her body with Brodo. See how she and her daughter dish up their broth with a lightened-up take on a hearty dinner favorite.

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Value pack of our bone broths; Organic Chicken, Grass-fed Beef, and Signature Hearth. Mug ready, bowl ready, recipe ready!


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A 10-pack of our award-winning organic chicken bone broth, made with fresh, organic vegetables.


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“The best broth you can buy at the store or online.”


“The best bone broth you can buy off the shelf.”


“No doubt about it, Marco Canora really started something when he opened Brodo.”

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