A Keto Broth Latte with 4th & Heart Ghee

Keto friends, rejoice.

We’ve teamed up with 4th & Heart to create a nutrient-rich, lactose-free, luscious & frothy broth latte.

Brodo x 4th & Heart

4th & Heart specializes in one of our all-time favorite Brodo add-ins: ghee. It’s a healthier, richer, shelf-stable, lactose-free, better version of butter. Just like bone broth, ghee has been around for centuries. It’s packed with functional benefits to promote weight loss, reduced inflammation, and improved digestion.


Try this recipe: The Turmeric & Ghee Broth Latte

turmeric latte



  • Blend all ingredients into hot Brodo using a buzzer or milk frother, and enjoy.