Building healthy habits

Tips for Building Healthy Habits

A Healthy Broth Habit to Help You Feel Your Best

Building a healthy habit of drinking Brodo is one big step toward a healthier you. What do we mean by this? While drinking bone broth is good for you all by itself, it creates a domino effect. When we’re properly nourished and hydrated, we can do a whole lot more with our day – such as exercise, focus on our work, rest, and more. 

We all know that starting healthy habits can be easier than sticking to them. This is why New Years’ Resolutions have a reputation of not being effective. We often set ourselves up for failure by choosing a goal that’s too difficult, not being specific enough, giving up after not achieving perfection, and so on.

If you’d like to build healthy habits and actually stick to them, here are some helpful tips:

Seek Joy

If you try to get yourself to eat more raw kale but you hate it, guess what? You’re likely not going to stick to your new diet over the long haul. There are lots of nutritious (and delicious) foods to choose from, and you’re more likely to stick to any given diet if you choose foods that you love

This is a huge part of the philosophy behind Brodo – it’s created by James Beard Award winning chef Marco Canora, and he fiercely believes in making nutrient-foods as delicious as possible.

Building a healthy habit

Find an Accountabili-buddy

Whether you’re driven by a friendly competition or cooperation, an accountability partner is a fun and helpful way to stick to your routines. You can keep each other on track by checking in, cheering each other on, and talking through each others’ challenges. Besides the obvious reward of helping each other achieve your goals, your friendship will grow deeper. 

Build a Ritual

Rituals are not only beneficial – they can also be pleasurable. A nightly ritual of sipping a hot mug of delicious bone broth as you wind down for bed can help you sleep – and it also makes you feel cozy and warm. Just add a good book and you’re bound to fall into a blissful slumber. Soon your brain will start to associate a hot mug of broth and reading with relaxation and sleep. Repetition of this healthy habit enhances the effect. 

Choose Your Goals Wisely and Measure Them

“I’d like to eat healthier” is not an effective goal. You may be asking yourself “Why not?” It’s because it’s not quantifiable and it doesn’t give you something tangible to work toward. 

Let’s try it again: “I’d like to drink bone broth once a day every day.” Ok, we’re getting closer! The missing link here is the motivation behind the dietary change and also the tangible goal.

“I’d like to lower my cholesterol by X number of points in six months.” Now you’re on to something! You have a tangible, measurable goal and a realistic timeline. 

Healthy habits may not be a goal in themselves – their purpose is to help you achieve your goals. For example, committing to swapping bone broth for fast food at lunchtime can help you get your cholesterol down.

Incremental Change

Many of us would like to lose 20 lbs. in a month, but anything that allows you to get there would likely be unhealthy and/or unsustainable in the long run. It’s very important to nourish yourself properly, get enough rest, and protect yourself from injury. This is supposed to be good for your body after all! 

Incremental change can be more difficult to notice, which is part of the reason it’s more challenging. One way to keep yourself motivated is to take a “before” photo and then once every few months. You’ll be amazed at how much your commitment to a healthy habits pays off!

Replace Existing Unhealthy Habits with Healthy Ones

Do you reach for a vanilla latte every morning to help you wake up? Is that extra sugar getting in the way of your goal (and causing you to crash)? Try swapping it out for a hot mug of delicious bone broth or a Coffee Colada Smoothie. You’ll notice that instead of feeling jittery and bloated, you’ll feel nourished and clear-headed. You’ll be amazed how drinking broth will also keep your hand out of the bags of chips and candy! 

Start a Journal

If you write down what you eat, how much sleep you get, your workouts, and how you feel (and be honest about it!), you can start to figure out what types of things help you feel your best. You can also find out what things may be contributing to feeling tired, sore, bloated, etc. Over time, you’ll start to notice patterns that will help you add new healthy habits to your routine.

Don’t Let Perfection Get in the way of Improvement

You’ve been working toward your fat loss goal for three months and it’s going great. All of a sudden, the holidays are here. You have the week off of work so you visit home, and you can’t help but let your mom spoil you with your favorite foods. The rich foods cause you to choose lots of naps instead of going to the gym. To your dismay, the scale tips the other way. Don’t fret – we’re all human and need a break sometimes! The important thing is to get back on track after you fall off. We even have a bone broth cleanse plan ready for you! 

Another version of “failing” would be if you said you wanted to lose ten lbs. in three months but you only lost, say, six. That’s when it’s time to look back on all the healthy things you started to do and realize you’re a lot better off than if you wouldn’t have set a goal in the first place. Take a look at what went wrong, if anything. Did you set too high of a goal? Have a hard time getting started? Did you actually gain some muscle which should be taken into account? 

Make Things Easy for Yourself

Would you rather have a bag of potato chips for lunch or roasted chicken with broccoli? Since you’re reading this, you’d probably opt for the chicken and broccoli if given the choice. The only reason why most of us would choose the bag of chips over the chicken with broccoli is that the bag of chips tends to be the option that’s right in front of our faces. But when healthier options are convenient, it’s much easier to reach for them. This is a big part of why we offer subscriptions – your bone broth is always there for you to grab and take to the office, bring with you in a to-go mug, or help you throw a delicious, healthy meal together in no time. 

Positive Affirmations

It may sound silly, but looking in the mirror and telling yourself, “You can do it!” or any other positive, encouraging words can have a real effect on your ability to stay motivated. The inverse is true too – if you say things like “I can’t do this” or “I give up,” you will start to believe it. “A lot of habit formation has to do with being in the right state of mind and being able to control your body and mind.” ­– Dr. Andrew Huberman

Of course building healthy habits takes a little work and self-determination, but it can also be fun and rewarding. Once you achieve your goal, don’t stop there! Long term health requires commitment and consistency. Once you’ve achieved your ideal body fat percentage, next you can work on building muscle, endurance, speed, and so on. Sometimes the goal is simply maintaining what you’ve gained, and you can always choose to add new goals whenever you’re ready. 

What are you waiting for? Send this article to your chosen accountabili-buddy and start building healthy habits together!


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